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About Harmon Marien

Harmon caught his first bass at age three at his grandfather’s cottage. But what started as a family tradition has grown into a competitive sport and career for Marien, a graduate of Northland Pines in Eagle River. He began fishing competitively at age 12 winning three junior Angler of the Year championships.

Harmon founded the Northland Pines bass fishing team in Eagle River and was ranked 20th nationwide and 36th in the world while leaving high school. Harmon now attends McKendree University, one of the national powerhouses in college fishing. He qualified for all three college series national tournaments as a freshman, while also achieving nine top 25 finishes. Amongst those, Marien had four top 10 finishes, including his win at the Missouri State Open on Table Rock Lake, Missouri. Harmon continues to travel the eastern half of the United States and compete for the McKendree University Bass Fishing Team, where he continues to improve as a fisherman. Marien resides in his hometown Eagle River in the summers, where he guides on the lakes he knows best.

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What to Expect

By booking a guided trip with Harmon, you will gain access to the knowledge of a collegiate angler at a national powerhouse for collegiate fishing who has experience on various lakes all across the country. Harmon loves to talk fishing, and would be more than willing to give tips for successful fishing trips wherever you live! While on the trip, abundant northwoods wildlife is always on display from the iconic loons, eagles, and whitetail deer!



If we catch the fish, can we keep the fish?

Depending on the species, yes! Walleye and panfish are always allowed to be kept if they meet the lake’s size limit and/or slot, as well as daily limit. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are always catch and release.

If we keep the fish, will you clean them for us?

Yes, I will clean our daily catch. Depending on the quantity of fish, I may charge a $25 fee for fish cleaning, and meat preparation for cooking.

If I have my own rod, can I use it?

Of course! I provide fishing rods, reels, and the appropriate bait for the guide trip, but encourage bringing your own if you want to!

What type of rods will we be using?

We will use almost exclusively spinning reels. On the rare occasion, we may use a baitcaster, but it is typically not needed. If you are not used to spinning reels, I am more than willing to teach you!

Do you have left and right-handed reels?

Yes, all of my spinning reels have interchangeable handles, so we can alternate which side the handle is on to each angler’s preference.

How far are you willing to travel?

I am willing to travel forty minutes from Eagle River, but there are a few rare occasions where I am willing to travel farther based on the season. The reason for this is these are the lakes I know best. That being said, if you are staying farther than that away we can always meet in the middle. I am willing to accommodate!

Where will we meet?

I will often times meet you at the boat ramp of the lake we intend to fish that day. If you would prefer to be picked up, this can often times be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

What if we have never fished before?

That is totally okay! I am willing to cater to the skill level of each client, no matter the level of experience.

How many people can you take on one trip?

I am able to take three adults maximum, although two is much more manageable on the water. If there are kids coming along, this number may change slightly. The reason for this is different species are targeted with different techniques, and therefore allow for more or less room in the boat.

Will we go if the weather is bad?

If it is raining or windy, yes, I will plan on going through with the trip. If lightning is in the area, we will get off the lake, or if expected all day will have to reschedule the trip.

Can we pick the lake, or is that completely up to you?

Similar to the target species, I will recommend a body of water or a few bodies of water that I anticipate to be the most successful. That being said, if you live or are staying on a particular lake that you would like to learn about and break down, I am more than willing to adhere to your request.

Do I need to bring a lifejacket?

No, I will have enough lifejackets on board to meet the Wisconsin DNR Laws and Regulations. If you have a personal life jacket that you prefer, you are more than welcome to bring it!

Do you have space for us to bring extra clothing, snacks, other drinks, etc.?

Yes, I always have compartments open for extra clothing and food/drinks.

Is drinking alcohol allowed on the boat?

For liability reasons, no, alcohol is not allowed on the boat.

Can we pick the species we target?

Of course! Prior to the trip, I will suggest the species I believe will be most productive, and that I am most confident in catching during that season. Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass are always available, while Panfish and Walleye are seasonal.

Can we fish for multiple species in one day?

Yes! There are often times when multiple species are in the same location, so we will catch multiple regardless. If you have a few species in mind that you would like to try and catch in one day, talk to me prior while booking the guide trip and I will accommodate the best I can!

What if we want to only try and catch trophy size fish, or just go for numbers no matter the size?

The goal of every guide trip is to catch an abundance of large fish no matter the species, but per prior request we can alter our techniques to try and catch a trophy, or an abundance.

Do I need to buy a fishing license to go fishing with you? If so, how do I buy one?

Yes, a valid fishing license will need to be purchased, and can be done online on the Wisconsin DNR website.

How do we pay?

I accept cash, check, or Venmo as payment at the end of the guide trip.


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2024 Schedule

My 2024 Tournament Schedule

January 26th & 27th | Bassmaster College Series Stop #1 | Lake Murray, Columbia, South Carolina

April 5th  | Major League Fishing College Open | Table Rock Lake, Branson, Missouri

April 13th | ACA Collegiate Bass Open | Lake Hartwell, Anderson County, South Carolina

April 18th & 19th | Bassmaster College Series Stop #2 | Kentucky Lake, Paris, Tennessee

April 26th | Major League Fishing College Open | Lake Guntersville, Guntersville, Alabama

May 17th & 18th | Sturgeon Bay Open | Bay of Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

May 23rd & 24th | ACA Collegiate National Championship | Pickwick Lake, Florence, Alabama

June 6th & 7th | Bassmaster College Series Stop #3 | Saginaw Bay, Bay City, Michigan

July 20th | Club Tournament | Big Arbor Vitae, Woodruff, Wisconsin

July 21st | Club Tournament | Trout Lake, Boulder Junction, Wisconsin

September 21st & 22nd | ACA Big Bass Bash | Kentucky Lake, Paris, Tennessee

October 18th | Major League Fishing College Open | Lake Chickamauga, Dayton, Tennessee

October 12th & 13th | ACA Collegiate Bass Open | Lake Dardanelle, Russellville, Arkansas

All Bassmaster College Series Weigh-Ins will be live on bassmaster.com and on the @collegebass Facebook page.
All Major League Fishing Weigh-Ins will be live on majorleaguefishing.com.
The ACA/Bass Pro Shop’s Big Bass Bash as well as Pickwick Slam Weigh-Ins will be live on the @collegiatebasschampionship Facebook page.



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