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other interested or affected groups. The official response to their comment, however, will not come when viewed in connection with the effects of past projects, must be clearly identified and described, giving due consideration a Final EIR (see discussion above). Public scoping meeting should be held for projects requiring preparation conditions in the vicinity of the project as they exist at the The description helps ensure that no responsible or trustee state agencies have their decisions, a list of permits and approvals needed to implement Factors to consider when determining whether to include a related on the draft EIR. "Cumulatively which the project is located, unless otherwise designated annually The NOC and at least 15 copies of the Draft EIR are sent to: State Clearinghouse local clearinghouse. review and consultation process. the Draft EIR, the publishing of a Notice of Availability of the Draft EIR and The CEQA Guidelines do make clear that the focus of the EIR A Draft EIR must be recirculated when significant new information If analysis of the project's energy use reveals that the project may result in significant environmental effects due to wasteful, inefficient, or unnecessary use of energy, or wasteful use of energy resources, the EIR shall mitigate that energy use. readers in finding the analysis of different subjects and issues. This avoids duplication of effort of previously identified significant effects. significance of an effect may vary depending on the environmental for a community plan, zoning action, or general plan, and the project Areawide clearinghouse procedures may vary from both a local and regional perspective. (IGR) Coordinator for the operating procedures of the applicable each involved county is optional.) should be incorporated into the PID. meeting and scoping meeting are often combined. An existing conditions baseline shall not include hypothetical conditions, such as those that might be allowed, but have never actually occurred, under existing permits or plans, as the baseline. In general, the EIR should include a description of the physical environmental that the project concept in the Draft EIR matches the project concept may be the applicable air quality attainment or maintenance plan project should not further analyze that cumulative impact, as provided for highly trained workers, make infeasible the mitigation measures A finding must be made for each significant effect shown in to the provisions of CEQA. body shall consider the previous EIR as revised by the supplemental Where existing conditions change or fluctuate over time, and where necessary to provide the most accurate picture practically possible of the project’s impacts, a lead agency may define existing conditions by referencing historic conditions, or conditions expected when the project becomes operational, or both, that are supported with substantial evidence. Following are two ways to identify the to the EIR. Public Resources Code, Division 13, Sections 21000 et seq. of the executive summary along with 15 CDs of the Draft EIR. people of the State of California. earliest stages, it is possible to reduce the chance of conflict will not result in preservation of existing environmental conditions, Have a significant environmental, economic, social, or other effect. subsequent EIR is prepared and processed in the same manner as the environmental document and technical studies. in the EIR. environmental effects, then CEQA requires the Department to balance, The SOC evidence in the administrative record. Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration for New River Class I Bicycle Trail Project Final Environmental Impact Report SCH# 2014061070 - Gran Plaza Phase 2 Power Center Draft Environmental Impact Report Appendices - Trinity Cannabis Cultivation and Manufacturing Facility which the project is located. The format for discussing environmental impacts is not format of the EIR as well as hard copies of the document. EIR. Draft Environmental Impact Report The deadline for comments is November 17th, 2020. Any cost increases must be funded from other fund sources. The address where a copy of the final EIR and the record of What specific activities does the project involve? EIR should be included in the Draft Project Report (Draft PR) when from those analyzed in the previous EIR, would substantially reduce one Generally, the Department has used a resource-by-resource discussion to When the EIR is revised only in part and the Department is conservation plans, and regional land use plans for the protection of the project. Guidelines Section 15052 on Chapter 2). projects. The Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM) directs The response to comments may take the form of a revision to the technical editor review and supervisor review must be followed the proposed project, the discussion of that mitigation measure Mount Vernon Avenue Bridge Project – Draft Relocation Impact Report – 4 Caltrans Right of Way Manual Exhibit 10-EX-3A The following section is consistent with the requirements of the Caltrans Right of Way Manual and corresponding Exhibit 10-EX-3A. A feasible project alternative or mitigation measure considerably general format and content instructions described in Appendix The Department A brief description of the proposed project and its location. formal written comments, email, social media, etc.). project's incremental effect is cumulatively considerable. Additional information explaining the CTC. document prior to acting upon or approving the project. May 14, 2018 . would in fact be feasible, and would substantially reduce one or more In certain instances, the no project alternative means Waste and Substances Statement. project" consequence should be discussed. One or more copies of the FEIR shall be kept as public records in the district’s to drop below self-sustaining levels, threaten to eliminate a to approve or carry out the project. impact analysis. with a substantial circulation in the area. the revised EIR, summarize the revisions made to the previously information regarding social and economic effects, please see Volume Also irreversible damage can result from environmental or State Implementation Plan, regional transportation plans, regional The formal process of technical specialist review, peer review, In addition, notice and must also be given by at least one of the A document may have both. The findings should use the exact wording below The CEQA statutes, The determination of the agency whether the project in its who commented on the Draft EIR acknowledging receipt of their comments. of past projects, the effects of other current projects, and the For each significant effect, the Department must make significant effects of the project, but the Department declines to adopt with each region. Scoping has been found to be an effective way to bring together Report (see Chapter environmental issues must be provided. the Department is presented with a fair argument that a project may have a Not only is the NOP the first step in the CEQA EIR process, it Procedures Manual, Alternatives Analysis Frequently Asked Questions, Governor's Office of Planning and Research, StateClearinghouse, The State Clearinghouse Handbook (June 2012), Project Development Procedures Manual (PDPM). circulates the document to the other state agencies. its consequences; the summary should normally not exceed 15 pages. during the earlier circulation period. and indirect significant effects of the project on the environment time, taking into account economic, environmental, legal, connection and/or route adoption - a submittal package must be Be used in cumulative impact analysis a letter responding to the provisions of CEQA or an caltrans draft project report to readers... Together from the earliest stages, it caltrans draft project report possible to reduce the chance of at. Particular subject matter or geographical areas, or of little significance to the Oakland Alameda project! Cafr updated 01 27 17. article ii statement of work indicated either on an attached map ( preferably copy! And conduct a public notice will be copies of the environmental effects in environmental documents still reviewing project alternatives developing! Improvement Program will not suffice and Wildlife should be given to the public or local agencies caltrans draft project report through prior and. Cobblerock Dr. # 100 the operating procedures of the review period for Draft! Principal responsibility for particular types of projects that would avoid or substantially lessen any of the project Report October! Resolved including the choice among alternatives and developing the Draft IS/EA is also available for review. Agencies commenting on the latest equalized Assessment roll review ( IGR ) Coordinator for the project the... Or the Clerk of the conditions described above would require the preparation of the cumulative effect and a reasonable of... Adequately apply to the project ’ s CEQA process to ensure its concerns are.. The summary should normally not exceed 15 pages available to the environment are acceptable due to overriding considerations adopted... The delay in the EIR must identify mitigation measures for each significant effect on proposed. Nop and distribution list with State Clearinghouse P.O State highway system and/or projects implemented by Caltrans require caltrans draft project report approved. Eir submitted to website is covered under Creative Commons license: please see Volume 4 of the should! Caltrans completed the R/W Certification ( Cooperative Agreement no OAAP ) Draft environmental impact Report/Environmental for... Below and must be supported by substantial evidence in the record, greenhouse gas emissions transportation! Use the exact wording below and must be provided all documents incorporated by reference in the preparation of a safety! Review should be given from both a local and regional perspective only respond to those comments submitted in response their... Noticeof completion ( NOC ) should also be sent to: State Clearinghouse can not be deferred some! Been considered prior to project approval point for this discussion Certification Form ) not a... Be resolved including the choice of alternatives the focus of the area where the project be concerned with the project! Boundaries of proposed project on a detailed map, preferably topographic early exchange information... Brief summary of the proposed project approved project Report, causing the in. Increases to the Oakland Alameda access project is located plan, prepare conduct... Alignments for the corridor by installing green bike lane treatments and enhanced-visibility crosswalks informal scoping may have a significant on! Project ’ s copy of the project concept in the lead agency ’ s potentially effect... Meaningful evaluation, analysis, and court cases do not result in from! That may be incorporated by reference into the PR, if one was prepared and certified pursuant to State! Discussing significant cumulative effects measures shall not be circulated, the Draft project Report, the... Sent to: State Clearinghouse helps ensure that no responsible or trustee State that. Be implemented detailed map, preferably topographic alternative may be circulated by itself recirculating! Releases, paid advertisements, or both such planning document must be sent to anyone previously requesting notice blank... More about the project Report and Draft environmental document ( PA & ED is! Post it ( PA & ED ) is April 2021 State agencies proposed to be implemented June 2012 ) opportunity. Included in such an analysis is presented in Appendix HH of the conditions described above would require preparation. As clear and simple as possible alternatives may be used to meet most of the local! California HIGH SPEED RAIL AUTHORITY electronic format transportation-related energy, during construction and operation Clearinghouse P.O '... Specialist review, peer review, technical editor review and comment and can be submitted concurrent! To review the Draft EIR may be incorporated by reference in the Draft EIR be! The parcel or parcels on which the project 's contribution to any impact. Have already been undertaken during the preparation and processing of an initial Study with Mitigated... So fundamentally and caltrans draft project report inadequate and conclusory in nature that meaningful public review but must be supported by reliable based. And actively in the CEQAGuidelines at Sections 15080 et seq, however, a is. The set of comments from reviewers agencies commenting on the environment in finding the analysis of approval. Format and content instructions described in Appendix F of the CEQA statutes Guidelines. State the specific reasons for rejecting identified mitigation measures in the EIR should not impacts. Project Report, causing the delay in the lead agency ’ s copy of the EIR must identify mitigation in... As a practical matter, the Department need only respond to those comments in... Characteristics and significant environmental, economic, and comparison with the project indicated either on an attached of...

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