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So when I heard these new colours were about to be launched, I knew I would have to exercise some restraint. Please email us at for any colour queries. Atelier Interactive is a unique artists' acrylic which allows you to use traditional techniques but also allows you to extend the drying time for more wet-in-wet blending whenever you want to. ... Colour, Paint Cassandra Ellis September 2, 2019 Human Natura. Intensely pigmented, the colours are both familiar and comforting and we choose timeless human, nature and art-based references to create our unique family of colours. ‘Rubus’ – Of berry picking and jam and cake. In keeping with our commitment to high-quality craftmanship and the best traditional and modern techniques, Ellis Paints are hand-mixed to order in London. Follow(function(d, s, id) {var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];if (d.getElementById(id)) return;js = d.createElement(s); = id;js.src = "";fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs);}(document, "script", "bloglovin-sdk")). ‘All the colours are deeply pigmented to create unique shades designed to bring quiet, joyful backdrops to people’s homes and lives, helping them tell their unique stories in the way they choose. Look to Ellis Paint, which not only organises its neutrals into groups of five sample pots to try out, but also combines shades in thoughtful ways (grey-brown with soft pink or almost-yellow, for instance). All 62 colours in the Ellis Paint collection are available in Matt Emulsion, Matt Wood & Metal, Eggshell Wood & Metal, Floor Paint and Masonry Paint and can be ordered directly from Bretagne Atelier Meuble Beautiful Décoration Intérieure. ‘Leafmeal’ – A deep yet soft black with umber and green undertones. ‘Tea & Toast’ (above) – a deliciously cosy mid-brown, of hot buttered toast and deep, rich tea and ‘Loom & Dye’ (first image in post) – The magical dress-up box and losing yourself in storied pieces of clothing – a warm mid pink with a grey undertone.I will admit that I have a scandalous collection of tester pots that we use for backgrounds for photoshoots and painting small items like frames etc. Inspired by the way we live in nature, in cities and society, the colours can soften a contemporary apartment or infuse a traditional home, full of antiques and ephemera, with a new classicism.’Ellis Paint colours are created by Cassandra Ellis and made by her friends at Mylands, Britain’s oldest family-owned and run paint manufacturer. Every time I hear new colours are going to be added to the Atelier Ellis paint card, I get very excited. … Colours that are both naïve and buoyant, full of wonder and delight, looking back to look forward and pure, simple emotions. Based on the idea of helping people create homes they want to live in, rather than decorating for the sake of it, her ‘simple, useful and beautiful’ approach is making an increasing impact on the world of interiors. We make quiet, beautiful, handmade paint to help you tell your story of home. Carefully formulated using the best traditional and modern techniques with minimal VOC, the 100% water-based, deeply pigmented colours make beautiful and safe homes. It is suitable for interior walls and ceilings, including kitchens and bathrooms, and can be retouched, wiped, washed or scrubbed. Our paint collection is a carefully chosen palette of 62 en terré colours that offer a quiet, enveloping backdrop for your home. Matt Emulsion. A soft, soothing green. All 62 colours work in harmony, creating a generous choice of complete schemes. As well as overseeing brand identity and design, I continue to work closely with her to present her philosophy and products in the right tone of voice as the business has expanded and developed to be an challenger decorative paint brand. Beautiful, quiet, handmade paint and furniture. Each colour is inspired by everyday experiences and the moments of wonder and curiosity that are at the heart of what it is to be human.’Being strict with myself, I have allowed myself to fall for only two colours this time around, oh let’s call it three, Agnes is divine (see below)! Embracing the simple-useful-beautiful aesthetic of … The playful themes and magical inspiration behind each hue make sure these are interior paints that will make your heart sing and this new collection called WONDER does just that. Color Atelier is a small batch paint and plaster available in a curated palette of pre-mixed colors each with hand-crafted depth and texture. We research and craft our colours to create the perfect backdrop and container for creating stories, that place humans and their important possessions (as well as their ephemera) at the centre of their home. A faded, beautifully worn Raspberry.‘Mourning Dove’ – A soft elegant, peaceful grey.

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