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The second time around, this book is outstanding. This reference received a score of 4, indicating that it offers strong support for the claim. I do think it’s reasonable to suggest that eggs can be part of a healthy diet but the claims in Grain Brain go beyond this. He says the longest-living people in the world do consume unrefined grains and whole plant food starches. Eating carbohydrate increases the risk of dementia. The difference it makes in quality of life and the amount of energy I have is incalculable. That’s why getting a fasting insulin test is so important, because it can provide an early warning sign. This claim in Grain Brain is not only incorrect, it’s backward. So I am trying to prepare myself for that possibility (although my other older sister is 32 and has no symptoms). Other references cited by Grain Brain to support the impact of gluten on common brain disorders are similarly unconvincing. This webpage makes a theoretical argument via various mechanisms that low-fat diets and statin drugs might increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, yet it cites no evidence that low-fat diets or statins actually increase risk. He goes as far as saying: Modern grains are silently destroying your brain. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. 2012, Marios Hadjivassiliou. High levels of these markers in the blood in middle age are also associated with smaller brain volume later in life. No grain, no gain – is that actually true? diet (if you find it), you could get your brain to create more of those So don’t stress too much about the other 10% of the time. Vegetables and whole fruits contain carbohydrates, but they come together with fiber, which slows the digestion and dampens the blood sugar impact. In 1950, the average life expectancy in the U. S. was approximately 67 years while in 2016 it is over 82 years. To an outsider, it looks like a fad. To continue bringing you the most informative and objective book reviews available, we have to be able to pay our expert reviewers for their time, and you can make that happen. Yes, we can digest cooked grains, but Dr. Perlmutter says it comes at the cost of many side effects such as inflammation and higher risk for chronic diseases. Don’t live a Gluten is the name for some proteins found in grains like wheat, barley, rye, etc. Actually, doctors now know that Analysis of Key Takeaways. And not just the bleached white stuff, but even whole grains, which mainstream nutrition now considers healthy. Chapter 5, reference 11. And what they are finding is that gluten, and a high-carbohydrate diet for that matter, are among the most prominent stimulators of inflammatory pathways that reach the brain.”, Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Food & Cookbooks (2013). Agriculture only began about 12,000 years ago, but today the average American eats 197 pounds of grains per year. On the other hand, fruit juice is like drinking Coke to your short-term blood sugar and insulin response. (Ancient hunter-gatherers may have eaten a few wild grains occasionally, but it was a relatively tiny part of their diet.). Sleep habits and exercise are also covered as they have an effect on the brain and how it functions. As I said, I was very skeptical about Grain Brain at first. But he's got the research to back up the claims, and it's very compelling. Higher levels are a documented risk factor for diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease. Sleep has a huge impact on leptin levels, which in turn Less anecdotal than Grain Brain. We survived the cancer epidemic that was caused mainly by our wars, now there is another war, related to the food that we are eating. In contrast to Grain Brain’s claim that low-fat diets cause insulin resistance and diabetes, a large scientific trial showed conclusively that a calorie-controlled low-fat high-carbohydrate diet, plus exercise, reduces the risk of developing diabetes by more than half. Dr. David Perlmutter, a well-known neurologist, maintains that carbs, even the healthy ones from whole grains, damage your brain. What causes leptin to drop? NeuroRX 1:111 2004. Current evidence suggests that natural variations in blood cholesterol levels due to genetics have no impact on dementia risk, and statin therapy also has no impact that has been detected in studies to date. I admit I have a bias against health books: They are usually poorly written, bloated with patient testimonials, and the information could be better summarized in a good magazine article. In fact, the words “calorie” and “energy” don’t appear in the article. Yay for free books and thank you! outlined above. In the book, Dr. Perlmutter comments on a 1994 JAMA study on cholesterol done by Yale researchers that found…. Although we don’t know exactly what our distant ancestors actually ate, we do have some clues. It's 1:12am. Multiple studies have shown that the Mediterranean Diet, which is rich in extra virgin olive oil, fish and nuts, appears to be the best for reducing cognitive decline. Throughout the book, Dr. Perlmutter hints at what we should be eating and avoiding. I distinctly remember Kids these days! We read every chapter, summarize and analyze it for your convenience. The second criterion is whether the intervention is likely to improve general health relative to typical diet and lifestyle patterns. As a person who has followed a strict gluten-free diet for over 2 years I found the research and case studies on gluten sensitivity especially interesting, although it did wake me up that I need to rethink my gluten-free lifestyle in terms of also limiting the things that I have always allowed myself as treats, such as gluten-free bread and rice aplenty.

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