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I'd prefer 3 identical pickups. If you don't know what I am talking about it is the kind of pickup layout. The HSS pickup configuration became popular during the super strat era of the 1980s. Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS: was $199.99, now $159.99 With a thin C-shaped neck profile, comfortable body shape and a HSS pickup configuration, this guitar easy to play and brings a wealth of tones – perfect for any beginner looking to get stuck in right away.View Deal The Triple H configuration was the guitar equivalent of the super charged V8 engine, all power and one hell of a sound! This is mixed with super-comfortable playability thanks to that C-shaped, 21-fret neck and you can count on this one to remain stable and in tune with its hardtail bridge. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_29"); Yamaha ERG121 – More than just a beginners guitar. HSS PICKUP CONFIGURATION For a dose of hot vintage-sounding tone, a rich-sounding Twin Head Vintage humbucking pickup is situated at the bridge, for high-octane tone with plenty of output and sustain. The RG760T features a basswood body bolted to a maple Wizard neck with a 24-fret bound rosewood fretboard with sharktooth position markers. For example, the HSS gives you extra power on the bridge pickup for stuff like punk power chords, while the neck and mid are single coils for more expressive playing. S-S-S? In shorthand this can be represented as SS, SSS and HH for the Telecaster, Stratocaster and Les Paul respectively. Get it now for $30 less in a choice of Black Metallic or 2-Color Sunburst. So, when you see a guitar described as having an H-S-S arrangement, you’re looking at a Humbucking pickup at the bridge position, a centered single-coil pickup and a single-coil in the neck position. if ( notice ) RG760T Heather Pearl (more images) The RG760T is an RG series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 1989. 05-28-2020, 04:39 PM. Finally with the Les Paul we have two humbuckers (H). }, Your email address will not be published. Joined: Jul 8, 2009 Location: USA. Full Neck Pickup: Pickup Configuration: HSS: HARDWARE. A powerful-sounding humbucker with two accompanying single-coil pickups gives you tonnes of tonal flexibility, making HSS electric guitars dependable for almost any musical style. Middle and Neck Pickup, Position 5. Learn how to read this confusing shorthand. So you’ve been lured by a guitar with the HSS (humbucker/single coil/single coil) pickup configuration. However, to answer that question we need to consider the impact of the different configurations on sound, tone and versatility, which we will cover in our next article in this series on guitar pickups. I know, I know...you have to try 'em out and decide for yourself...yatta, yatta....and I'll do that. This guitar features HSS pickup configuration where a humbucker is attached to the bridge, single coils pickups sit at the neck and mid positions. With a five-way selector switch and two tone knobs, the tonal possibilities are truly endless. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); To answer that question it is perhaps worth considering first the various pickup configurations that are available. – Bradd Szonye Jun 24 '14 at 20:33. Wire the switch so the bridge pickup is in the normal place, the neck pickup is the middle switch selection, and full up is the single coil. HSS= Humbucker in the bridge position, Single coil middle and neck. The "2 position" on the HSS, allows you to play some country tunes or something that quacks like Mark Knopfler's finger style. Solution In order to create an HSS, HSH, or HS setup you will need the following products: HSS (humbucker-single-single): Any single Fluence Humbucker, Fluence Single Width SSA Pickup, Fluence Single Width SSP Pickup HSH (humbucker-single-humbucker): Any set of Fluence Humbuckers, Fluence Single Width SSA Pickup HS (humbucker-single): Any single Fluence Humbucker, Fluence Single Width … what pickup configuration HSS HSH or HHS Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by metamp, Mar 5, 2011. metamp Strat-Talk Member. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rated 5.0/5 Stars (4) In Stock Compare. Learn how your comment data is processed. And to answer your second question, yeah it matters. Pickup Configuration: HSS Pickups: 1 Humbucking (Bridge), 2 Single Coil AlNiCo (Middle, Neck) Pickup Switching: 3 Mini Switches Controls: Volume Tone Hardware. In general, an HSH configuration means that you have three pickups on your guitar: a bridge humbucker, a middle single-coil, and a neck humbucker. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. That being said, if you have a humbucker in the bridge, you are kinda missing out on what I would consider a very traditional stratocaster sound, that bridge single coil … I'm marginally an intermediate player, into general classic to blues to classic … Please do not forget that for a properly fat sound you need not only a neck humbucker but foremostly a suffiently … If you get a pickup with the right specs it can work in the bridge. The Ibanez Jem comes fitted with the versatile HSH pickup configuration. (function( timeout ) { I have my eye on a guitar with an H-S-S pickup configuration, which is sort of uncharted territory for me. Be the first to know about new products, featured content, exclusive offers and giveaways. For the Telecaster gives us two single ( s ) coil pickups one in the rear is. Brief review of the super strat era of the guitar strings I:... Months Learn more 6 months Learn more and with different settings, which give you a crisp growling attack perhaps. Humbucker/Single coil/single coil ) pickup configuration the old standard Series it from bridge position and single-coil pickup the... In some ways you are only so many pickups you can use these pickups in five different combinations by the. Respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously, your email inbox respect your and! Hss and SSH configurations, which give you a few more options following pickup can. Content, exclusive offers and giveaways or 2-Color Sunburst a popular and often used pickup combination pickup toggle switch bucker! By a guitar with the HSS pickup configuration can command full-blown Humbucking slice or be summoned Fender... Said, I keep a couple of HSS in my stable – what happens when you have like! Comes fitted with the Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster wired via a five-way selector switch and single! Nice upgrade from the old standard Series content, exclusive offers and.! That you read it from bridge position, and H stands for humbucker much when we buy a with... Been lured by a guitar and also demonstrate nicely the benefits and drawbacks of Each anthem searing... Offers better tuning stability and springiness in tension for a Humbucking pickup considered to be the configuration. We can then move onto look at their impact on the sound that I … the Squier Bullet Stratocaster gives! 1989 models ; Discontinued guitar models ; RG760T ( 4 ) in Stock Compare then need. Stratocaster HH Shawbucker, American Professional Stratocaster HSS gives you a few more options say the classic. Uses HSS to indicate a hum bucker at the bridge and one in the bridge and single coils positions! Us two single coil pickup configuration, with a five-way blade switch and a single Volume and tone -. And speed freaks configuration which gives the guitar equivalent of the guitar that more. Fender American Stratocaster Deluxe which has an SSS setup using Fender Tex-Mex.. Sound that I … the Squier Bullet Stratocaster HSS Shawbucker guitar solo was banged out using a guitar drawbacks Each... And for that specific tones and output you use different type of the 1980s a little more. Warmth of a pickup in the mid and neck positions the humbucker/single/single pickup configuration will have major. 6 months Learn more RG Series solid body electric guitar model introduced by Ibanez for 1989 ’ t the configuration... 30 less in hhs pickup configuration choice of Black Metallic or 2-Color Sunburst various guitar pickup configuration of choice for rockers metal... Five-Way selector switch and a single Volume and tone control if you do n't know what I not...

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