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#GrandfatherHectorXtravaganza was a devoted friend & a beloved member of the #PoseFX family. “We didn’t even have furniture,” said Anthony Lopez, his former roommate, who moved in during the mid-90s. A true icon, kind soul and trailblazer. In ballroom culture, Houses serve the dual role of teams in ba… Hector Xtravaganza Britney Spears Loses Bid to Remove Father From Conservatorship, How Clea DuVall's Lesbian Christmas Movie Radicalizes a Conventional Genre, Amy Adams and Glenn Close’s Oscar Chances Try to Stand Above ‘Hillbilly Elegy’, Why Warner Bros. The location was a popular gathering place for African American and Latino LGBTQ+ people, many of whom also participated in the underground ballroom scene. ‘Jeopardy!’: Who Could Possibly Replace Alex Trebek? Naomi Cruz: Grandfather Hector Xtravaganza was a beacon of light not only to me & other members of the house but to everyone. “Grandfather” Hector Xtravaganza, founding member of the House of Xtravaganza, an iconic entity within New York’s underground ballroom and vogue scenes, has passed away at the age of 60. Instead, he got a great friend. By then, the family had something new to celebrate. She died the following April and Hector became the house father. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. AN ICON!!! Related Videos. First, Hector and Mr. Villa-Chauvin would go to a store like Gimbels and boost shopping bags filled with tissue paper. #RIP pic.twitter.com/Qh762p3m7J, — Steven Canals (@StevenCanals) December 30, 2018. He adopted the honorary title of House Grandfather after 2003. Despite being ubiquitous on the ball circuit for nearly 40 years, Hector did not have the Gumby-like popping and locking abilities possessed by his friend Willi Ninja, who danced for Queen Latifah and helped inspire Malcolm McClaren’s 1989 song “Deep in Vogue.”. The Xtravas, as they came to be known, were the first predominantly Hispanic house. The world lost a bright light today. Angie made him a member when she judged a D.C. ball where he won a trophy. Appeared in “We would have all these kids going through the turnstile. Eric Min Named Head of Content At 1091 Pictures, Julianne Hough Teams With Naomi Shah’s Meet Cute For ‘Transformation’ Podcast Series, Topic Acquires Dan Rubenstein’s Argentinian Drama ‘Noemí Gold’, Omar Sharif Jr. Himself But like many local characters, Hector lived a life substantially bigger than the sum of its parts. He also seemed to know that what he would miss most was having a foil, someone to play diplomat to his warrior. Until Hector told his mother he was gay and got thrown out of the house. The roof was where Angie held court, whistling over house children like Venus, Carmen and Danni whose job at the function was to come gossip with mother. “A true icon, kind soul and trailblazer.”, Rest In Power Hector. Real Name “Relight My Fire” was probably blaring from a nearby boombox when Mr. Crespo approached to chat up the guy Mr. Villa-Chauvin was dating. “She had a maternal way about her that made you feel important, praised,” Mr. Villa-Chauvin said. 2.) Also known as the house Grandfather, the news of his death was announced on the official House of Xtravaganza Facebook page: “It is with profound sadness the House of Xtravaganza family announce the passing of our beloved Grandfather Hector. Xtravganza was a dance and an activist and helped start the House of Xtravaganza in 1982, a time of growth in New York for the underground ball scene. By 14, he was skipping school and riding the PATH train to Manhattan to hang out on the Christopher Street piers in Greenwich Village, then a mecca for black and Latino L.G.B.T. From left, David DePino Xtravaganza, Mother Angie Xtravaganza, Danni Xtravaganza and Jose Disla Xtravaganza in 1988. Born Hector Crespo, Xtravaganza legally changed his last name and was house father of Xtravaganza from 1993-1997 and 1999-2003. Rip Grandpa X. Ryan Murphy Honors Ball Icon Hector Xtravaganza, 'Pose' Co-Creator Says His, Pose writer and producer Our Lady J also tweeted out condolences. https://t.co/604BhOA1Zl, — Johnny Sibilly (@JohnnySibilly) December 30, 2018. He was their house father from 1993 to 2003, after which he moved into an emeritus position as grandfather — a fitting role for a guy whose stature always derived principally from kindness and generosity. After that, he dropped out of high school. This was back in 1980, around two years before the birth of the House of Xtravaganza. Performance for Breonna Taylor, Rihanna Talks About Her New Forthcoming 9th Album "I want to go on tour but I can't", Lady Gaga Launches Billboard with Passionate 'Chromatica' Message You Can See Here, Taylor Swift Relays Whitney Houston as Female with Most No. Like many families, the Xtravas have endured tragedy. It was there that Hector first encountered the dance form known as Voguing which had emerged from ballroom culture, as well as met transgenderwomen of color associated with the ballroom scene. positive himself.

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