heir of space

Just because this is a Mage of Heart we’re talking about doesn’t mean they have to lose their hearing like Meulin did, but keep in mind that they’re likely to lose one of their senses in general. They could destroy clocks, or maybe they’re always late for everything, their passive attitude allowing them to not care about wasting everyone else’s time. A Time, Rage, or Breath player, therefore, would not be good for this quadrant when it comes to the Rogue of Blood. This may be why this Prince surrounds themself with liveliness (plants, living creatures, vibrant art).

Something to remember is that Space doesn’t seem to be solely matter. And once the Rogue and Knight both reach their full potential, the Rogue will be a more dedicated, responsible person, while the Knight could be the type to be more skeptical, even using that natural distrust as a weapon, which would piss off the Rogue because their powers are based off trust and harmony in the group. (And thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it! And then we get to how the Prince destroys Mind itself. So for the Rogue of Blood, maybe you could go for something with some precision, such as bowkind, crossbowkind, or yoyokind. They tick constantly, and every hour, a bell sounds, causing the ground to shake. However, this does not make their role any less important! Combining this with their passive nature, this makes the Bard of Time seem very careless. As for a land for the Prince of Mind, I suggest the Land of Tempests and Railroads (LOTAR). Yeah I know, unoriginal. They could also feel insecure about how committed other people are to them, perhaps believing that they are nothing but a burden to their friends. They could destroy their fellow players’ Time, easily killing them, or destroying all the timelines in a fit of anger to the point of ruining any possible future outcomes that don’t end in a failed session. Matesprit: Sylph of Heart. The best way to describe this class is to say it is metal as hell. This can help to determine how quick or slow they are as well.

On the other hand, we’ve only seem a cane for Mind players. Rogue powers often don’t benefit the Rogue themself, so they probably wouldn’t be able to use those healing abilities to save their own hide. They will become a much more active and outspoken person, plunging headfirst into all the destruction they witness. But the denizen decided that they were not only terribly impractical, but the consorts themselves had become too whimsical and needed to be tied down. However this would require extreme power, even for a Prince. -cracks knuckles- Alright, here we go. You bet. They tend to not act on their impulses, resulting in a world with little change. Maybe they’re not the true leader of the group, but they act as a deputy of sorts, making sure everything is in order and acting as an advisor to the head. This could be used for obtaining information from the ~spirit world~ or their unconscious self, but in the spirit realm they’re also able to kick some ass. In conclusion, the Prince of Mind is an unpredictable but extremely hardcore classpect.

Thanks for reading! Auspistice: Maid of Blood. This could be done to both living and nonliving things. However, the Prince’s power comes at a great risk. As for a weapon, Mages’ weapons have been pretty varied (psiionics and throwing stars, maybe claws for Meulin?) Now we’ve seen a Witch control space. They should not become overconfident as a result of their powers, and they must be careful not to become too loose on the process of creating the Genesis Frog, since a mistake could very well lead to some fatal consequences. It would essentially be a kind of psychic assault. As for Rogues, we have varied weapons (Nepeta’s claws, Roxy’s rifle, Rufioh’s…lance?). Heir: Passive manipulation class. They could be prone to loneliness, hence their strategy of friend-hopping. Rogues start out not embracing their aspect. (Though this should be used sparingly, as the utilization/weaponization of Heart goes more into the territory of Page and Knight powers.). Their so-called ‘screwing around’ with the timelines could end up creating paradoxes and lots of doomed timelines too. An Heir has a aim, but has to organically guide their Aspect to achieve the right result. In a more literal sense, the Bard of Time could destroy clocks and music or musical instruments. The Heir of Space needs to learn how to take hold of their aspect and consciously use/embody it. They are under heavy influence of their own creativity and can just have sudden bouts were they have an idea they need to express and get out there. With the Heir of Space you get an abundance of creativity. They try to keep their surroundings as full of Space as possible, whether that’s through pets, plants, or their own creative endeavors. Seers tend to learn about their aspect through second-hand accounts and in symbolic ways. They can influence objects to change their size, speed and location to benefit them. The Heir of Space allows manipulation of Space or manipulation through Space. So in that brief moment of becoming that giant trippy frog, you become one with everything. A Mage of Heart could suffer from Heart in a variety of ways. The Bard of Heart might suddenly be overcome with passionate feelings about something or someone. They might be a hopeless flirt who gets turned down every time. They stand out in some way instead of blending in; this might make them a target for bullying. whereas Heart players tend to use sharp handheld weapons (claws, katana).

LOSAM is a red desert with the occasional skull of a consort laying around, as well as larger skeletons of hulking beasts that once roamed the land. They’d wouldn’t let their feelings get stomped on anymore, either.

They could complete this quest in a variety of ways: They could strategically destroy the network of trains in order to prevent production of clouds. They let their feelings essentially get stomped on because they don’t feel as if they should stand up for a certain opinion. We don’t know much about the strife specibi of Blood players apart from sickles.

Space often represents watching as opposed to acting, and Bards are pretty passive players (at least at the start), so the Bard of Time would be very chill and calm. So, to combine all these, the Bard of Time appears at just the right times on the battlefield, using it strategically thanks to the direction of a Seer, and starts strumming an electric guitar. (Though there is a likelihood they’ll be adept when it comes to genetics, considering their role in the game.) The Bard of Heart will begin to question everything about themself. From there, they could apply those bonds to their teammates, creating a stronger unity in the group. And this is a question I find very difficult to answer. Time is the aspect of endings/inevitability, repetitiveness/rhythm, mechanisms, timelines (and literal time), and death/mortality.

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