nest sentence in english

3A set of similar objects of graduated sizes, made so that each smaller one fits into the next in size for storage. (of a bird or other animal) use or build a nest. ... British English: nest / nɛst / NOUN. The nest is a platform or shallow cup of twigs and stems built on a crevice, cliff, tree or the ground. A third of the world's arctic skuas, big fierce birds nicknamed Bonxies, The view to port and starboard along the river from my lookout in the crow's, Within each nesting block, we tallied the number of avian, I discovered that the chickadees had fledged from the bluebird box and bluebirds had started a, Although we love our regular yard birds, every spring we are delighted with each migrant that returns to, In both burned and unburned areas, Wood Thrushes selected, Note that the definition of nesting success includes the effects of both, Glasgow-based Simon Starling's Ladder 5.4m is a scaffolded crow's, Mountebanks like him can suck them dry of their last earnings by promising them a little, Tall shrubs provide the higher vantage points and, Egg laying in each group of babblers takes place in one, In the present study, we investigated patterns of aggression and, The bantams have been giving me strange looks recently, and a small robin is trying to, Numerous interacting abiotic and biotic factors have profound effects on, On breeding grounds where the primary source of food is kleptoparasitism, territories are small and pairs, The caterpillars, which mimic the larva of M. sabuleti, are carried into the, At 36 days young weasels are weaned and can eat food brought back to the, When an incubating bird is relieved by its returning mate, it leaves the, Nest orientation was then recorded, relative to magnetic north, as the azimuth bisecting the, The woods around the fort buildings are a good place to spot several kinds of land crab, and migrant bird species, A pair of long-tailed magpies is building a, Their photographs confirm it was frequent to find nests in deeply flooded reedbeds with water lapping the, Detailed information on spacing behavior of avian, He has also acted as a foster parent to various animals, including a juvenile stork that was taken from its, Meanwhile, commercial and residential developers, and managers of timberlands, were removing the bluebird's existing, To test effects of predation risk on incubation behavior, we presented a taxidermic model of a common, House wrens are secondary cavity nesters and readily use, Both species need large areas of fens and wetlands and are highly intolerant of human disturbance at, Grey-headed sparrows are relatively nervous birds and if you scare them away a few times they will go off and look elsewhere for a, His face, blank and colorless, was detailed only by the dark shadows beneath his eyes and the, Perhaps the best-known lacquered Russian folk art piece is the matryoshka, a series of wooden dolls that, Among psittacine species, the Lilac-crowned Parrot had one of the lowest rates of overall, I was explaining how you get more crockery in if you, Following oxygen consumption measurements, content of the, There's really nothing out there to refer to on flying birds, save one photo he took from directly beneath a bird leaving its, To burn those extra calories, a colony of 150 weavers with no, Battling acrophobia and nausea as you scale the mast of this 104-foot-tall ship to the crow's, Twenty years ago, the local rabbit board assisted us to get rid of an enormous wasps, Here there's a nice 1898 Arts and Crafts style house, sheltered by beech copses with kettle, Chimneys are the perfect habitat for these birds, although they will, Delineation of habitat features associated with territory placement and with, I sit on a sofa that is part of an old three-piece suite around a, Most charges focus on the Mafia's control of New York's waterfront, vast and beautiful, but for years a, At each study site, we plotted the location of all, This is as if the Spycatcher affair ten years ago hadn't showed MI5 to be a, The owl soared downwards into the thicket of pine trees where its, As a result, Taiaroa Head is the only place in the world where albatrosses, Extremely cautious birds, black storks only, It took me another three seminars to realise that I'd accidentally fallen into a, Other times it can be like sitting in a hornets', This development was seized on by right-wing commentators to argue that the American CP was nothing but a, For the next three or four months, while the youngsters mature, the foundress cleans the, On that last one, the DVLA is looking at tachographs as well, which rounds out the whole automotive picture into a potential mare's, The northwards path along a rocky coastline takes you to Dunstanburgh Castle, a romantic ruin where kittiwakes, cormorants and fulmars, They know what it means to be tiny spots on the map, remembered only if embroiled in a terrible conflict that turns the whole region into a, During the dry season, and beginning of the rainy, they form pairs and fly in small groups that may, Botfly larvae often attack nestlings as do other, All over the region, people are revisiting a, Millions of people have followed the private lives of the Lakes osprey and watched as the five young have been successfully reared in the, Pembroke river is described as a refuge for wildlife.

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