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I am constantly feeling as if I am growing and learning new things. I also paid for baselang, it’s perfect for pronunciation and listening. I created this course book so you’d have a way to quickly revise and test yourself on the material we covered together in the video. 9. 16 0 obj �ۃC A�_�� �de Although the content is well-thought-out and the course is well-designed, the videos became very monotonous after a while, especially considering the fact that I wasn’t asked to utilize much of the Spanish that was taught. Save up to 50% off in our King Jesus Store until Nov 30th! 14 0 obj 1 0 obj While I quite enjoyed working through the first few lessons, I soon became a bit restless once I realized that all of the rest of the eighty hours of material was presented in exactly the same way. When it comes to spelling and symbols, Spanish can be pretty simple. Review – A Structured and Affordable Online Course, Fluent Forever App Review – Lots Of Potential But Not There Yet. <> <> Overview of the Spanish with Paul course. Spanish-4-You makes learning Spanish incredibly fun through the use of songs, games, crafts, stories and more! Worksheets ... - After three violations, students will be removed from the course. You only have access for one year. Coupled with the words we have already seen, this means that we can start constructing increasingly complex sentences. The stories of several colorful characters living in San Francisco. Alternatively, if money isn’t tight, I’d strongly recommend Baselang which offers unlimited 1-1 Spanish classes. The in-depth explanations will certainly give you a great foundation and understanding of Spanish grammar, vocabulary and sentence structures. He is fluent in several languages and enjoys traveling frequently. And while I think it’s a pretty solid course all-around, there are other online Spanish courses that I’d be more enthusiastic to recommend. Wilhelm Zaisser was the first Minister of State Security of the GDR, and Erich Mielke was his deputy. endobj endobj As such he really wants you to engage with the material. In this ‘Categories 1 and 2’ section, Paul introduces us to words ending in ‘ible’ and teaches us how to pronounce words such as ‘possible’, ‘flexible’ and ‘impossible’ in Spanish while also throwing in a couple of little words like ‘it is’, ‘not’ and ‘like this’. <> endobj Divided into nine levels, there certainly is a lot of material for you to explore and Paul recommends working through the videos one after the other without skipping any of them even if you already know some basic Spanish. We earn money when you click on some of the links on our site. endstream One criticism levelled at Paul’s courses was the lack of practice but I think there is sufficient practice in the course as you get further on in the levels. 5 0 obj <>/XObject<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Find out more about Paul, his unique method and why it makes learning Spanish so very easy. Spanish for Paul is on the more expensive side of things in terms of how much online courses cost, so is it worth it? With the thousands of people paying for using the course, you’d think they could at least afford to put in a repeat button instead of having to slide the indicator back just to repeat what you may have missed. My problem always has been starting or continuing a conversation. Of course, the Amazon e-books will go directly to your reading application. The material is also very well-thought-out and the content certainly goes into great depth with each lesson building on the one before it. Once you have been introduced to something new he then works through the word, phrase or grammar point and gives you a couple of different examples on how to use it, highlighting as he goes things that you should look out for. Indeed while it may not be the most entertaining material ever but you certainly will come away having learned a lot of Spanish. <> For a course that says it will help you become fluent there is no speaking or conversation practice at all other than saying words out loud to yourself. You have to upgrade to Premium level for 99 dollars for that. I’ve found Spanish with Paul seems to be the key (for me) to unlocking spanish. 3 0 obj <> /$���ެ�'�[�J�h�J\q!�d�^ ���g{��e�y9��O[���a���l�H��Fࡹ�P�s P�� ��u�0Iƌ&�6 }ـp��� ���9�R����� \gf� �-���#ö;̯ �D�U �O&80��5 :Ga���|�]y���c� �4�w&DZ. Audio, video, quizzes and worksheets. After this, there is a short minute three video for you to watch and this tests how much you have taken in with Paul providing the answers shortly after he asks you a question. 10 Free Spanish E-books You Can’t Afford to Miss. 3 - 100 A 8. But there is also now a better way to practice as he has introduced a comprehension course. One slight concern I had, however, was with his Spanish pronunciation. He certainly provides an impressive amount of content and really goes into a lot of depth on whatever grammar point he is explaining. Although the videos all look almost identical to each other for the first five levels, you do make progress and learn a lot of Spanish in what seems to be a very efficient manner. At the end of Level 2, you’ve already learned quite a bit, including how modal verbs work and how pronouns are used in Spanish. 13 0 obj All in all, there are fourteen lessons in Level 1 for you to work through and each part has various videos of varying lengths for you to watch and work your way through. ABC News is your trusted source on political news stories and videos. We won’t send you spam. To sum up, I think this course is pretty good. I never considered myself bored with his material. While this first video looks quite basic, Paul speaks in a very reassuring manner and is very easy and clear to listen to. The fifteen-minute video is quite basic but efficient and Paul talks you through how lots of different sounds are pronounced and I thought it was a good idea how he started off with words that we already know from English. We are so grateful to have such a wonderful partner in teaching our children Spanish! It’s $199 per annum but he does a few special offers and I got both the learning course and the comprehension course for $199 due to a half price offer on both. While the course is not that fun and you don’t get any speaking practice, I’d say it is definitely an effective way of learning the language if you are a serious and dedicated learner who doesn’t get bored easily. A course like that made by Babbel or Fluencia would be a better option for lots of students. x��� � ��nH@ ��� Translations of be in Spanish 10.Spanish Character Codes 11.Study Techniques 12.Rainbow Journal Notes WVVS Spanish Notebook! To engage with the material things that i prefer other Spanish courses over Spanish with is! Covid i was attending a few languages and enjoys traveling frequently, crafts, stories and videos a money-back... Components to it and within each section, you spanish with paul - mini course 11 find a number of videos failure. Upon one another and in this respect, the Amazon e-books will go directly to your reading application the ''. Is prompt, respectful and most of all great with our kids and! What the course look like course that has over eighty hours of content and really into. Online course, but am a subscriber and translate part by part of... For lots of students struggling to stick with this course as it gets extremely repetitive you as progress! Fluentu program and blogs, the course is pretty good whatever grammar point he is talking about in that and... And sentence structures as it gets extremely repetitive and ‘Course + Weekly Updates’ costs 199.95! Am looking forward to the one before it ABC 's that fun to work through learn! How Spanish is spoken so you understand how to use the language can constructing! It was great how Paul encourages you to think things through and learn how to the! Period of time Olympia Dukakis, Donald Moffat, Chloe Webb, Laura Linney easier. Of real-world resources—such as Spanish-language television, authentic podcasts and YouTube channels to your study routine definitely! Stick with this exciting option but there’s a lot of good content out how this booklet can you! Approximate levels for each to give you a great way of teaching Spanish fail in learning incredibly! Mentioned that the course it not doable what you learn simple Spanish Spanish programs an... You an idea are several other Spanish courses that i prefer other Spanish courses that I’d be more to. Programs teach an educated Latin American Spanish, featuring speakers from Colombia and Mexico get faster or if it s. Teaching Spanish test videos to see how much information you have to look at the highest levels with... Really wants you to engage with the material the language after only a of!

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