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The proximal list of example sentences with proximal. There is no reason to suppose that the central apical plate of certain free-swimming crinoids has any more to do with the distal foot-plate of the larval Antedon stem than has the so-called centrodorsal of Antedon itself, which is nothing but the compressed proximal end of the stem. 210. The distribution of these glands is mostly proximal to the ampulla of Vater, with most of them being just distal to the pylorus. - Dicyclica in which the dorsal cup primitively is confined to the patina and occasional intercalated anals, and no other plates ever occur between RR (Grade: Distincta); Br may be incorporated in the cup, with or -without iBr, but never rigidly, and their corresponding ambulacrals remain supra-tegminal (Grade: Articulata); new columnals are introduced at the extreme proximal end of the stem. The single digit consists of a moderate-sized proximal (os suffraginis, or large pastern), a short middle (os coronae, or small pastern), and a wide, semi-lunar, ungual phalanx (os pedis, or coffin bone). The major symptoms of juvenile dermatomyositis include a characteristic reddish or purplish rash called a heliotrope rash; weakness or pain in the proximal muscles; and a low-grade fever. 2. Comparison with monstrous forms shows that the pitcher of Cephalotus arises by a calceolate pouching from the upper surface of the ordinary spathulate leaves, the lid here arising from the proximal side of the pitcher-orifice. edit] Normality and illness judgements. New techniques for the evaluation of tubal patency support the hypothesis that tubal patency support the hypothesis that tubal ' plugs ' may be involved in proximal tubal blockage.  . By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. Cryptosporidium has been detected in the proximal small intestine, the large intestine and the … Usually each tube is provided with caecal appendages on its proximal portion, and these serve as vesiculae seminales, while the distal portion is enlarged and glandular and secretes the egg-shell. The white papilla of the proximal part of this leg is characteristic of the male of this species.. A and feet with two primary papillae on the anterior side and one on the posterior side; outer jaw with one minor tooth at the base of the main tooth, inner jaw with no interval between the large tooth and the series of small ones; last fully developed leg of the male with enlarged crural gland opening on a large papilla placed on its ventral surface; coxal organs absent; the nephridial openings of the 4th and 5th pairs of legs are placed in the proximal spinous pad. A second guide-wire is placed next to the first wire and at the base of the proximal scaphoid pole. 8); the primitively open cup has now closed over to form a vesicle lying beneath the ectoderm; the outer wall of the vesicle becomes thickened to form a cellular lens (1), while the proximal wall consists of sensory and pigmented cells and forms a retina. Bearing in mind these precautions, we may classify the proximal causal agents of disease as I.External agencies. Partial trisomy of the proximal segment of chromosome 13 is much less likely to be fatal and has been associated with a variety of facial features including a large nose, a short upper lip, and a receding jaw. There are usually nine tarsal elements in the Caudata; this number is reduced in the Ecaudata, in which the two bones of the proximal row (sometimes coalesced) are much elongated and form an additional segment to the greatly lengthened hind-limb, a sort of crus secundarium. collimate so that the patella, the distal femur and the proximal tibia are included. Blood pressure in both arms - unequal blood pressures suggests proximal vascular occlusion. - Elongated cylindrical animals either with a single subterminal sucker at the proximal end, or with the corresponding end of the body converted into a mobile undulatory fold. Cryptosporidium has been detected in the, 6. Instead there was internal rotation of the proximal fibula. proximal. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. In the Microporidae and Steganoporellidae the body-cavity becomes partially subdivided by a calcareous lamina ("cryptocyst," Jullien) which grows from the proximal and lateral sides in a plane parallel to the frontal membrane and not far below it. 2. If a total gastrectomy is being performed for a more proximal tumor then this sequence of events can be changed. Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin, a point of attachment, or the midline of the body. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. It was bad enough that she probably smelled, but the warmth from his body combined with the excitement of his … This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. 7); on the exumbral aspect there are two median ocelli (oc l, oc 2), a distal and a proximal, each of them a vesiculate ocellus with a lens, and on the sides of the rhopalium are two pairs of ocelli without lenses (oc. , The knee cap is proximal to the femur in the thigh, so many x-rays will show both. Proximal. tuberosity of the humerus with splitting of the proximal portion of the deltoid muscle. This runs down the anterior and outer side of the upper arm, and is attached to the proximal tendon of the extensor metacarpi radialis longus, a little below the outer condyle of the humerus.

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