sweco center tie down

The thickness of the spacer 50 depends upon the spacing between the first and second screens and is typically about 1 inch. The jam nut is then threaded onto the stud and tightened against the top end of the post of the pedestal. Preferably, the internal thread 42 is a 5/8-11 UNC female thread, to engage the thread on the standard stud 22. a pedestal having a flat base plate and a post attached to and extending perpendicularly from the base plate, the post having an outside diameter having cap threads, and an inside diameter having stud threads, with the cap threads having a larger thread pitch than the stud threads and with the cap threads on stud threads running in opposite directions; a nut having an inside diameter having stud threads; a cap having an inside diameter cap threads; and. 6 is a section view of the tie-down of FIG. French; Dutch; English; Bulgaria. 0000103103 00000 n Erfahren Sie mehr. 0000103683 00000 n Other objects and features will appear hereinafter. The sliders and balls will bounce off of the support screen and tap your top screen dislodging near size particles or fibers that tend to blind the screen and reduce screening area. 4; and. 2,296,293, Talley, U.S. Pat. Die Sweco GmbH ist im Rahmen des Projektes in einer Ingenieurgemeinschaft tätig und mit der Federführung sowie der Gesamtprojektleitung betraut. 0000109121 00000 n Thus, while several embodiments have been shown and described, it would be obvious to those skilled in the art that many modifications may be made thereto, without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention. a spacer having an inside diameter including cap threads. 0000001904 00000 n a cap spaced apart from the jam nut and threaded onto the external threads of the post, over the jam nut. A screen tie-down 20 is installed at the center of the screen 14. Turning to the drawings, as shown in FIGS. Various screen tie-downs have been used in the past. 3, the present screen tie-down 20 includes a pedestal 30 having a base plate 32 with a flat top surface 34 and a flat bottom surface 36. However, these known screen tie-downs can be relatively time-consuming to install and adjust, typically require the use of tools, and are often subject to overtightening or loosening. 3 is an enlarged perspective view, in part section of the present tie-down for use with a separator having the self-cleaning feature; FIG. 0000108885 00000 n 3-6. See, for example, Naeher, U.S. Pat. 0000108687 00000 n They are suited to 220 degrees Fahrenheit and are constructed of Food Grade Nylon. 0000114602 00000 n

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