world humanitarian summit report

The need for better data and analysis was the third most frequently cited challenge. As a shift is needed from funding to financing that invests in local capacities, is risk-informed, invests in fragile situations and incentivizes collective outcomes. Ending need will require three fundamental shifts in the way we work: Accepting and acting upon our shared responsibilities for humanity requires political, institutional and financial investment. Underlines the need to provide nutrition, water, shelter, sanitation and medical treatment, as fundamental rights of every human being; is extremely concerned about the risks of epidemics associated to dire sanitation conditions and limited access to safe drinking water, and over the lack of access to essential medicines in humanitarian crises; calls on the EU to take a leading role in ensuring the appropriate provision of essential medicines and safe drinking water in the context of humanitarian crises; 8. Emphasises the role of new technologies and innovative digital tools in the organisation and delivery of the humanitarian aid, especially with regards to aid delivery and tracking, disaster surveillance, information sharing, coordination between donors and facilitating relations between aid agencies and local governments, particularly in remote areas and disaster zones; highlights that Africa, and especially sub-Saharan Africa, is currently undergoing a mobile digital revolution with a surge in mobile subscriptions (and mobile internet use), makings such tools and services crucial for putting in place early warning systems and for providing speedy information on health matters, danger areas and aid contacts; 51. National and local humanitarian organizations remain under-represented in decision-making processes, in particular at the global level, and meaningful partnerships between international and local organizations need to be strengthened. The EU should rely on its knowledge to further work with partners towards a common, effectiveness framework for humanitarian response. But even wars have limits: leaders must recommit to upholding the rules that protect humanity. The WHS, to be held in Istanbul in May 2016, will seek to reshape and adapt the humanitarian system to a rapidly-evolving landscape of emergencies, to make humanitarian action more efficient, effective and ‘fit for the future’. Although still in its early stages, the Agenda for Humanity is beginning to reshape global and local approaches to preventing, preparing for and responding to humanitarian crises, laying the foundations for greater changes to come. Curated pages dedicated to humanitarian themes and specific humanitarian crises. The need to adopt common standards has been a central element within the aid effectiveness discussion. They count on us. Stresses that innovation should draw from multiple sources and, in particular, from the knowledge of affected people, civil society and local communities in the front line of response; stresses the importance of minimum humanitarian standards to boost essential public services, such as education, nutrition, health, shelter, water and sanitation throughout humanitarian responses; believes that public-private and cross-sectorial partnerships – when both public and private sectors share values and priorities that align business goals with the EU’s development objectives, and observe international standards on development effectiveness – can be a means to complement the public response to growing humanitarian needs; notes that cash-based assistance, when properly aligned with aid effectiveness principles, is an efficient example of innovation in humanitarian assistance; 47.

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